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As a global leader in CFD trading, here at UpperTrade we are always looking to expand our product offering, and provide the most convenient and feature-rich trading platform on the market.

That was exactly the reason for us to develop our own trading platform meeting the requirements of professional traders. So, we are happy to introduce a trading platform, specially designed to accommodate our clients’ needs and preferences.

Upgrade your trading experience with our automated trading system. You get everything you need to make a profit with UpperTrade.

UpperTraderFor your mobile

The UpperTrader app provides an all-in-one solution, allowing you to manage your accounts & funds and trade without any interventions. All you need is in one app.

Available for iOS and Android

Easy to manage accounts

Full trading history

Fast deposit, transfer and withdrawal

Volatility push notifications

Economic calendar

Advanced Trading Tools

Level up your trading with an exclusive range of technical analysis indicators from our trading platform. Identify new trade opportunities, improve your entry/exit timings and get instant access to the most popular markets. Use over 200 trading tools to succeed in trading.

Technical indicators are used by traders to gain insight into the supply and demand of assets and the psychology of the market. Together, these indicators form the backbone of technical analysis. Key figures such as the trading volume inform you whether the price movement is continuing. Thus, indicators can be used to generate buy and sell signals.

Combine technical indicators with more subjective forms of technical analysis, such as looking at chart patterns, to come up with trade ideas. Technical indicators can also be incorporated into automated trading systems given their quantitative nature.

UpperTraderFor your desktop

The online web platform allows convenient access to your account with UpperTrade. Access the markets directly from your browser with a highly customizable interface and advanced trading widgets.

Advanced trading tools

Technical indicators available

Variety of trading widgets

Different chart types

Customizable interface

Dark/light themes